STORAGE POSITION stands for the music projects of the Worms(Germany) musician Dieter Uhlmann.


Main aim of STORAGE POSITION is to translate observations and impressions from nature and wildlife into music and to "tell" musical stories in this way.
These are sounds and melodies that invite you to relax and dream. Enjoy listening !


Go on the first album with "dolphins and whales" on the journey,
explore the "depths of a stalactite cave" on the second
and experience on the third record, among other things, the adventures of a "caravan on their way through the desert".


Let's surprise you on the fourth album, how many different "animal voices in the pieces of music" are integrated and start a musical trip to the "planets of our solar system" on the fifth CD.


A tonal "Odyssey in the depths of space" will take place on the sixth CD,
It ends with a homage to David Bowie's "SPACE ODDITY," in which fingerstyle guitarist Jim Perona (USA) plays the guitar part.


The musical processing of a fictional journey in the "long tunnel of time" takes place on album seven and on the eighth CD the journey continues to different "islands of the south".


Special sights of the "mysterious African continent" are now acoustically examined on album nine.


Another musical journey takes place on the tenth record through the countries of South America. 


"Living in Down Under" is the title of the eleventh sound carrier and musically tells of special characteristics of Australia.


Not far from Australia is another remarkable country: New Zealand
On the twelfth CD "Impressive New Zealand" some details of these two extraordinary islands are examined.

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